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405 Gyp Aggregate Co. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified construction solution provider company, its founders have an experience of over 3 decades in Building industry and has guided the company to the stature that it enjoys today.

The Company deals with all major categories of materials required for construction. This includes 405 Advanced Aggregate, 405 Premium and Eco Plast Range of Gypsum Plaster, 405 Advance Wall Putty, 405 Pulverised Chalk Mitti & 405 Cover Blocks.

We provide an integrated approach to building material by providing the majority of the material necessary for a project under one brand.

Assured Quantity and Quality Controlled material in convenient packaging are most important unique attributes of our products.

We guarantee that our customers are not likely to find better value for money anywhere else.

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Packed Aggregates, Being a Revolutionary Product is making its mark by enabling its users to en-cash the ancilliary benefits.


405 Gypsum Plaster Guarantees a plaster that is 100% suitable for wall and decorative patterns like moulding, false ceiling etc.

405 Advance Wall Putty truly lives to its motto of “Paint kaa Aadhar” by providing a mirror finish base.

Chalk mitti is a fine smooth ingredient that is used to finish your walls for painting purpose Its cream like paste helps to fill up the gaps and small pores of your wall.

A cover block is used to lift the rebar matrix off the ground so that concrete may flow underneath the rebar.

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Although it took Indian consumers some time to realize the usefulness of using wall putty, it is now a mature.

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