405 Gyp Aggregate

About 405 Gyp Aggregate

405 Gyp Aggregate Co. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified construction solution provider company, its founders have an experience of over 3 decades in Building industry and has guided the company to the stature that it enjoys today.

The Company deals with all major categories of materials required for construction. This includes 405 Advanced Aggregate, 405 Premium and Eco Plast Range of Gypsum Plaster, 405 Advance Wall Putty, 405 Pulverised Chalk Mitti & 405 Cover Blocks.

We provide an integrated approach to building material by providing the majority of the material necessary for a project under one brand.

Assured Quantity and Quality Controlled material in convenient packaging are most important unique attributes of our products.

We guarantee that our customers are not likely to find better value for money anywhere else.

Certified ISO 9001:2008

Encourage Clean Construction

Support Make In India

Service Through Innovation

  • Situated Centrally in the National Capital Region of Delhi
  • Working with a network of over 500+ dealers of building material in the Area
  • Having an Enthusiastic team to Serve our patrons with best of the service
  • Trend Setters of Industry Best Practices in terms of Innovation and Business Relationships
  • A reputed name in the industry
  • Proactive in the use of technology and new age ideas to serve our society with the best available building material solutions

our story

[cool-timeline type="horizontal" layout="default" designs="default" skin="default" date-format="Y" category="24" show-posts="15" order="DESC" icons="YES" animations="bounceInUp"] Having themselves established as a privileged partner of a number of home constructors, Founders believed that a superior brand assuring high-quality construction material is the need of the hour.

While Working on this belief, the company launched its first Product HB’s 405 Polarized Plaster of Paris in the year 2015. With Positive Response from the consumers about its high quality and finishing capabilities, the company got inspired to launch its second product called HB’s 405 Pulverised Chalk Mitti, Chalk Mitti was made operational within few days of the launch of POP.

In 2016, the Management of the company came up with a revolutionary product: Packed Fine Aggregates, Coarse Aggregates & Plastering Sand. Available in 40 kg Packaging, This Product Ensures Quality & Quantity while also taking care of the environment by providing Dust, Rori, Reta in sealed Branded bags.

Same year 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. started producing Cement Based Cover Blocks that enable efficiently and precision based shuttering and Pillar Reinforcement applications.

In 2017, the team sensed a need of a high-quality white cement based wall putty for its market. And has started working on it, with over 10 months of research, it came up with a superior white and polymer-based Advance Wall putty that provides ultra-smooth walls with mirror finish results.

As Wall Putty Creates a Smooth Base for Paints and other Pigments, 405 Advance Paints and Stainers are now available and are made with highest quality standards in mind.