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Tips for Cost Control in Construction Sector

Construction companies’ profit margins are shrinking as the construction market becomes more competitive, and cost control of construction projects is becoming increasingly critical. Controlling the cost of a construction project has emerged as a critical component of project management. By establishing recommendations for estimates and projections of labor, material, and overhead costs, construction cost control
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Construction Ban Lifted

Apex Court , The Supreme Court of India lifted construction ban  partially and allowed construction activity only between 6 am and 6 pm. The apex court perused the report filed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) The court also directed Haryana , Uttar Pradesh and Punjab govenment to place the updated report on stubble
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Children's Day

Happy 550th Gurupurab

Lyrics Translation Ik onkar There is only one God Satnam His name is true Karta purakh He is the creator Nirbhau He has no fear Nirvair He has no hate Akaal moorat He is omnipresent Ajooni saibhan Unborn and self-illuminating Gurparsad By Guru’s grace, he is realized Jap Meditate on his name Aad sach He
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