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Wall Putty Advantages and Quality

Wall Putty Bag

Wall Putty Advantages and Quality

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Lets learn about Wall Putty , and what makes 405 Advance Wall Shine the most sought after product in industry.

Many People Get Frustrated by repeated flaking of your beautiful walls. Does your expensive paints does not look as good as you dreamed of it?.

Most Importantly , The problem may not be either , the subject or the object , Subject being your wall and object being your expensive paint.

Therefore , The Real Problem lies in Quality of Wall Putty , that forms as vital link between Walls and Paints

Wall Putty Problems

Lets try to understand what are the points that makes a 405 Advance Wall Shine , an advanced Wall Putty

  • Durability
  • Finish
  • Coverage
  • Water resistance,
  • Bonding
  • Ease in application

Wall Putty Advantages

Keeping in mind , above mentioned issued , 405 Advance Wall Shine is made with advanced polymers that makes it an important ingredient of a Paint Craftsmen. 405 Gyp Aggregate Co made its Wall Putty with essential strengthening agents which gets activated during application.These Nano Agents inculcate following advantages to the Wall Putty .

  • Strong binding with building surfaces,
  • Smooth finish
  • Extensive coverage
  • Superior refractive index
  • Non hygroscopic composition
  • Paint friendly nature

Wall Putty  is not a luxury, but a necessity these days. Every paint job requires Putty with advanced qualities . Also the pricing of the Wall Putty  should be such that Putty Price is affordable to common man because this product is used extensively.

Paints form the personality of our houses. Different styles of paints and colors are emerging on a daily basis. Every Season , there’s  a new color. Each Strata of society has its own choice of colors and their textures.

405 Advance Wall Putty offers durability and finish capabilities to make Wall texture designs. Because with added Shine , 405 Advance Wall Shine serves as true companion of paints and allows the paints to reflect the best surface color with high refractive index.

Also , it is vital to note that application of putty must be only drying of first primer coat. A firm Application of 405 Advanced Wall Shine is used fills in the cracks on the wall surface. Hence , It offers a protective inner layer for the paint.

As per the requirement , One or two coats of putty can be applied. Each Coat of should only be applied after the previous coat is completely dry for best results.


Wall Putty Bag

405 Advance Wall Shine

Wall Putty Precautions

The Craftsmen should use some precautions while applying

  • Wear safety goggles
  • Wear mask to avoid inhaling unnecessary dust and dirt.
  • Rinse Eyes if putty gets in eyes and consult a doctor immediately
  • Wash Hands Properly after application completes
  • Use Proper Tools
  • Apply Proper Harness when working on heights

405 Advacned Wall Shine Putty bags comes in different sizes of 1kg , 5kg, 20kg , 30kg and 40kg. 405 Advanced Wall Shine Bags are carefully sealed and checked before delivering to the Customers . Material is packed in dual seal technology bags with an inner liner to protect material from outside immediate moisture.


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